“Here in Israel, every male has to serve three years in the military and every female, two years in the military right after high school. What happens beneath the helmet? A remarkable film has been produced called, Beneath the Helmet, and it takes you from high school to the home front, in the lives of young people who understand what it means to live free, and to pay the price for freedom. This remarkable film will inspire you, encourage you and inform you. I hope you’ll view it.”

Mike Huckabee

Former Governor of Arkansas

“I was moved to see these young people tested, pushed and challenged in mind, body and spirit – and emerge as strong defenders of democracy.”

Michael Oren

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States and head of the Abba Eban Chair in International Diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya

Beneath the Helmet is an amazing movie that is doing excellent job by giving his viewers an authentic peek to the IDF soldiers. No matter how much I tried to explain about what is like to be a solider in the IDF, the struggles that we are facing and his unique texture – this movie illustrated amazingly in a way that I could never show.”
“I don’t think I ever told you how absolutely WONDERFUL and MOVING Beneath the Helmet is. Minimum of a ten tissue film. Beautifully told story of extraordinary young people defending our extraordinary homeland.”


“Its an excellent film. I have been involved in Israel Advocacy for 35 years. This Movie is a great tool for a person like me!”
“The students absolutely fell in love with the movie; even the next day in school, the students could not stop talking about it. The imagery, the message, the emotions; they all had specific, yet profound impacts on each student who saw the film. ”

Jordan Lustman

Chair of YULA Israel Advocacy Club

“The way the personal stories are interwoven brings the human side to this. The many countries represented was also surprising. Many words come to mind. Touching, poignant, informative and many others, with emotional being perhaps the strongest one. ”


“The movie gave me a new appreciation to the unbelievable strength, commitment, and passion each israeli soldier has to protecting our Jewish homeland. It made me stop and take a moment to register and question my own courage, whether I could be as brave as these men and women, who are exactly my age, who are sacrificing everything they have and know for something far greater than themselves. ”


Gap Year Student